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How do I get replacement filters and UVC lights?

Please email us at or call us and let us know what you need. We can place an order immediately and ship the new consumables directly to you. If you would like, we offer a "consumable subscription" which will automatically send you one year's worth of consumables each year. This includes new HEPA filter, set of UVC lamps and two pre-filters.

What speed should I run the KleanseAIR air purifier?

At full speed the unit filters over 16,000 cubic feet of air an hour. If your space is 1,000 sqft and eight foot high, our unit is rated to turn air 2.7 times an hour at high speed. If you space is smaller you can run the unit at 50-75% speed. We always believe in turning as much air as possible.

How should I run the unit at night when workers/customers are away.

We suggest running the unit at 100% speed when spaces are not occupied. The unit is made to run continiously and fan is rated to last 80,000 hours.

Where should I place the unit to be most effective?

This varies quite a bit depending on shape of your space and any furniture, etc. that is in the space. We most often suggest placing the unit in a corner where you don't normally get a sizeable amount of air circulation. Remember, besides filtration, the KleanseAIR is great for moving air around the room and keeping it filtered.


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