Upgrading Your School's Air Purification Systems to Meet ASHRAE Guidelines

The Problem:

Recreating the in-school learning environment will be a critical step to rebuilding the America's education system.  Preschool, K-12 and universities are now charged with creating the safest environment for students, parents, teachers and staff.  


ASHRAE (American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air-Conditioning Engineers) recently released their COVID-19 task force guidelines for schools and classrooms.  Regarding air purification, the guidelines state...


  1. Install UV/C lights, ionization in AHU’s (air handling units)

  2. Introduce portable, all electric HEPA/UV Machines in EACH classroom

  3. Guideline minimum of 2 Air rotations/hour

  4. Ensure flow patterns maximize mixing of air in classrooms



GallatinAIR's Solution for these Two Guidelines:


  1. Add simple-to-install Needlepoint Bi-Polar Ionization (NPBI) in AHU's and/or PECA units to actively treat incoming air supply to neutralizes viruses and reduce viral load.  NPBI removes the need to install UVC lights into the system.

  2. Strategically place GallatinAIR's own portable KleanseAIR™ HEPA/UV units in classrooms to boost air purification and air rotations in these high occupied spaces.  As an enhancement, your school can add NPBI into each portable unit to provide an additional layer of protection.

KleanseAIR Portable Commercial Grade HEPA/NPBI All in One

GallatinAIR has designed our HEPA/NPBI KleanseAIR™ systems for the specific requirements of your facilities.

  • Needlepoint Bi-Polarization Pre-Installed

  • Deep HEPA technology

  • High Air Treatment Volume

  • Low Consumable Costs

  • Appealing design

  • Easy to maintain

  • Easy to Manage

Call us today at 833-553-2673 to speak to one of our air purification experts to learn about what we can do to make your school safer.

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