The most powerful HEPA Air Purifier with Bi-Polar Ionization and economical protection on the market.  Ionization module rated at: 13 million pcs/sec positive ionand 12 million pcs/sec negative iongeneration.


Meets or Exceeds ASHRAE and CDC Recommendations


Dimensions: 15”L x 15”W x 16”H
Weight: 29lbs
Input Voltage: 115V/60Hz
MOP: 1.1A
Unit Max CADR: 330
Room Size: Up to 1,300sqf
Color: Off-White (custom colors available)
Noise Level: 42-58Db


The KleanseAIR 1300-HO’s unique design makes it the most powerful, economical, customizable,
Its price makes it economically feasible to address several areas of your facility at once.
Some of the key features that make the KleanseAIR 1300-HO unique are:

* Lifetime warranty on enclosure manufacturing defects, 3 years on component defects
• Deep Medical Grade H13 (MERV 17) HEPA that lasts up to two years
• Durable steel construction
• Long-lasting and components
• Lower cost consumables (30-50% less than competitive models)
• Lifetime warranty*
• 100% Serviceable to maximize investment



KleanseAIR 1300-HO-N with Bi-Polar Ionization Built In

SKU: K1300-HO-N