The least expensive, high-performance air purifier in the long-term.

A high-performance air purifier is an investment.  Don't be fooled by manufacturers who want make money by having you spend less initially, only to lock you into paying high-prices for their consumables (E.g., unnecessary filters) over the life of the air purifier.  

Compared to similar brands, our KleanseAIR series has the lowest consumable costs on the market.  Our lower long term costs and rugged units will minimize your long term cost of ownership.


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KleanseAIR 1000

KleanseAIR 1000N

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The KleanseAIR 1000 is the industry's first commercial-grade and upgradable portable air purifying unit. It uses a unique DEEP HEPA filtering technology that filters 16,000 cubic feet of air an hour in a 1,000 sqft of space.

The KleanseAIR 1000N has Needlepoint Bi-Polar Ionization inside of the unit that allows for millions of ions to be released neutralizing the pathogens in the air. This unit uses DEEP HEPA H-13 filtration along with NPBI to get to best results.

Customized for schools, hospitals, and company branches, the KleanseAIR Institutional has all the same features as the 1000N model, with the addition of:

- Control panel lockable cover

- Security cable

- GFI integrated into cable

- Several color and texture options

- Wireless monitoring optional

- Service contract optional