The least expensive, high-performance air purifier in the long-term.

A high-performance air purifier is an investment.  Don't be fooled by manufacturers who want make money by having you spend less initially, only to lock you into paying high-prices for their consumables (E.g., filters) over the life of the air purifier.  In some cases, the cost of two years of filters will outpace the initial cost of the unit.  Compare the KleaseAIR against others below.


All KleanseAIR units have the following:

- 2.2 air turns/hr for 1,000 sq ft space

- Needlepoint Bi-Polar Ionization

- Deep HEPA H13 with 70 sqft surface area

- UVC disinfection

- All metal enclosure

- Easy to use control panel

- Limited lifetime warranty*


KleanseAIR Institutional

The KleanseAIR Institutional has all the same features as the Institutional model, with the addition of:

- Control panel lockable cover

- Security cable

- GFI integrated into cable

- Several color and texture options

- Wireless monitoring optional

- Service contract optional

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