GallatinAIR Provides Two Options to Add NPBI to Your Space

KleanseAIR with NPBI Included

 Distributed HEPA w/ NPBI

  • Portable NPBI not dependent on HVAC air supply location


  • Placed after the HEPA filter to maximize ion generation

  • Combining in unit allows NPBI to be distributed in any space regardless of
    HVAC setup


Add NPBI into HVAC System

Benefits of Retrofitting Your HVAC system with NPBI


  • Very Economical:  Approximately $700-900 to retrofit one normal sized rooftop air handling system.  


  • Easy to Install:  You have your current HVAC contractor install each unit in 30-60 minutes each.  

  • Long Lifespan:  Ionizing units last up to seven years 

Needlepoint Bi-Polar Ionization (NPBI) Solutions are Economical and Extremely to Install and Maintain

NPBI technology works to safely clean the air inside commercial and
residential buildings. The patented technology uses an electronic
charge to create a plasma field filled with a high concentration
of + and - ions.  


As these ions travel with the air stream they attach to particles and
gases to help to agglomerate fine sub-micron particles, making
them much more filterable. The ions travel within the air stream into the
occupied spaces, cleaning the air everywhere the ions travel, even in spaces


Learn about the UL Approved NPBI units that are in the KleanseAIR 1000N

HVAV NPBI Retrofit Devices

PECA Retrofit

GPS-iRIB-18/36 ™

The GPS-iRIB is available in 18” and 36” lengths. They are made from a flexible chemical, heat and cold resistant Kapton® material containing a circuit with special carbon fiber ion emitters soldered into the circuit traces. This mechanism is engineered to deliver the highest level of ionization with the least amount of energy in the most compact size. Designed for 3200 CFM or 8 tons. 

Auto-Cleaning for Office HVAC


Compact Auto-Cleaning Ionization System

Auto-cleaning, lightweight NPBI systems that handles up to 4,800 CFM or 12 tons. Designed for multiple mounting options including fan inlet, interior duct walls or floors. The composite construction allows for mounting in corrosive environments.

Larger Industrial/Commercial HVAC Systems

Modular Ionization Air Purification Device

The GPS-iMOD is a modular NPBI system that is field assembled to any length up to 240 inches in 6-inch increments. The composite and carbon fiber GPS-iMOD can be mounted in corrosive environments and handles 50-250 CFM per inch of bar.

Importance of Combing Distributed HEPA with NPBI

According to ASHAE (American Society of Heating and Air Conditioning Engineers) and many scientists, adding what we call "Satellite HEPA" is a requirement to create the necessary air circulation and additional air filtration to reduce the load of pathogen particulates in the air.

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