Helping Your Business Get Back to Business

The Problem:

The restaurant industry has been hit significantly by COVID-19.  We understand your situation and hurdles, as we have worked with restaurant and other entertainment operators for over 25 years.  


Finding an economical solution to help customers be more safe and reduce the spread of viruses will be critical to getting back to normal business levels.  Customers and staff will both need to feel confident that you are doing all you can to ensure their well-being.  


Let GallatinAIR help you design and install a solution that is both economical and proven effective.


Our Science-Backed Satellite HEPA Solution:

Leading scientists recommend to strategically place portable "satellite" HEPA air filtration units in spaces with greater occupancy.  The scientific community has found that adding multiple units (like our KleanseAIR) in a space creates the recommended air circulation and filtration to make an occupied space more safe from airborne pathogens. 


For additional protection, you can add Bi-Polar Ionization technology to the "satellite" units and/or existing HVAC system.  


We all know that there is not a solution that is 100% effective at preventing transmission. However, using the latest, most tested and most economical technologies allows you to create an safer environment for the people you cherish most -- your patrons and staff.


Call us today at 833.553.2673 and speak to one of our air purification experts to learn about what what we can do to make your communities safer.

KleanseAIR Portable Commercial Grade HEPA/Bi-Polar Ionization
All in One

GallatinAIR has designed our HEPA/Ionization KleanseAIR systems for the specific requirements of your restaurants.

  • Deep HEPA technology

  • Optional Bi-Polar Ionization Built-in

  • High Air Treatment Volume

  • Low Consumable Costs

  • Appealing design

  • Easy to maintain

  • Easy to Manage

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